Domenic Burger


Domenic joined the LBEM in March 2021 after previously doing his Masters in the former lab of Prof. Stahlberg. During his master studies he started working on the three-dimensional structural organisation of various alpha-synuclein fibrils which carried over into his PhD-thesis. Next to this he is establishing a workflow for cryo correlative light and electron microscopy to directly investigate the fibril conformation in brain tissue.

Current Project

Structure determination of alpha-synuclein fibrils

Fibril investigation in MSA brain


April 2020MSc in Molecular Biology, University of Basel, Switzerland
January 2019BSc in Biology, Major in Molecular Biology, University of Basel, Switzerland



Distinct ultrastructural phenotypes of glial and neuronal ...

Böing, C., Di Fabrizio, M., Burger, D., Bol, J.G.J., Huisman, E., Rozemuller, A.J.M., van de Berg, W.D.J., Stahlberg, H., Lewis, A.

(submitted), (2024)