Daniel Stähli


Daniel is a 3rd year PhD student in the Neuroscience program at EPFL. Before joining the LBEM, he studied Nanosciences for both his Bachelor's and Master's program with a major in molecular biology and a minor in physics. He has a background in the fields of immunology and ageing, which are both related to neurodegeneration. He works on Alzheimer's disease and is interested in the formation of amyloid beta plaques and tau tangles. For this puprose, he uses correlative light and electron microscopy to study directly in the post-mortem human brain the ultrastructural properties of these different neuropathological aggregates.

In his free time he hikes, plays pingpong, goes for a swim in the lake and he sings in the UNIL-EPFL choir.

Current Project

Ultrastructural staging of tau tangles

Ultrastructural investigation of different types of amyloid beta plaques


2017 - 2019Master of Sciences in Nanosciences, University of Basel, Switzerland - awarded best Master’s thesis 2019
2013 - 2016Bachelor of Sciences in Nanosciences, University of Basel, Switzerland