Mireille Barile Fasmeyer


Mireille Fasmeyer Barile from Switzerland joined EPFL in April 2018 and the LBEM in January 2020 to take care of the administration of the laboratory since the very beginning of its installation at the Cubotron. She has a background in organization of events and speaks 4 languages.

Before joining EPFL, she worked in the tourism industry such as tourist offices, destination management companies and public transport companies by taking care of the organization of events, marketing, hospitality and HR. She obtained her Diploma in tourism management from the Tourism School of Sierre (CH) in 1999.

Her interests: meet friends and family, pilates and yoga, skiing and swimming in the lake, volunteer for Diabolo Festival


Current Project

Throughout the year she manages the administration of the laboratory, which includes hiring new staff, managing budgets and financial reports, invoicing, organizing events, welcoming guests and assisting staff. She is the link between the laboratory members and the central services of EPFL.


EPFL, Administrative assistant of:

03.2021 - presentDubochet Center of Imaging (DCI)
01.2020 - presentLaboratory of biological electron microscopy (LBEM)
04.2018 - 04.2021Laboratory of the physics of biological systems (LPBS)
04.2018 - 07.2020Laboratory of the physics of living matter (LPMV)


1996 - 1999Swiss School of Tourism (CH): Diploma ES as Manager in Tourism