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Protease-activation using anti-idiotypic masks enables tumor specificity of a folate receptor 1-T cell bispecific antibody

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Cryo-EM, X-ray diffraction, and atomistic simulations reveal determinants for the formation of a supramolecular myelin-like proteolipid lattice

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Grayscale e-beam lithography: Effects of a delayed development for well-controlled 3D patterning

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Inner-membrane GspF of the bacterial type II secretion system is a dimeric adaptor mediating pseudopilus biogenesis

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DuoMab: a novel CrossMab-based IgG-derived antibody format for enhanced antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity

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Lewy pathology in Parkinson's disease consists of crowded organelles and lipid membranes

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‘Differential visual proteomics’: Enabling the proteome-wide comparison of protein structures of single-cells

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Tumor-targeted 4-1BB agonists for combination with T cell bispecific antibodies as off-the-shelf therapy

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Deuterium induces a distinctive Escherichia coli proteome that correlates with the reduction in growth rate.

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Cryo-EM structure of phosphodiesterase 6 reveals insights into the allosteric regulation of type I phosphodiesterases

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Molecular structure and function of myelin protein P0 in membrane stacking

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TDP-43 extracted from FTLD patient brains displays distinct aggregate assemblies and neurotoxic effects reflecting disease progression rates

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Part 2: Coping with Biology

Benjamin Stecher. (Images:, Lewis, A., Shahmoradian, S., Stahlberg, H., )

Tomorrow Edition (an online blog by Benjamin Stecher about his journey in Parkinson's disease), (2018)

Rapid Structure Determination of Microcrystalline Molecular Compounds Using Electron Diffraction.

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Cerebral Corpora amylacea are dense membranous labyrinths containing structurally preserved cell organelles

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