Berk Küçükoglu


Berk joined LBEM in November 2021. He holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, both from Bilkent University, Turkey. His research interests are in the field of 4D scanning transmission electron microscopy (4D-STEM) and diffractive imaging of biological specimens under cryogenic conditions. He has previous research experience in the design and manufacturing of millimeter-wave devices that are able to sense single cells and nanoparticles.

During his free time, Berk enjoys making music and tinkering with electronics, often combining his interests to create custom audio circuits. He also loves exploring new coffee shops and spending time outside.

Current Project

Diffractive imaging of biological specimens



Low-dose cryo-electron ptychography of proteins at sub-nanometer resolution

Küçükoglu, B., Mohammed, I., Guerrero Ferreira, R., Ribet, S.M., Varnavides, G., Leidl, M.L., Lau, K., Nazarov, S., Myasnikov, A., Sachse, C., Müller-Caspary, K., Ophus, C., Stahlberg, H.

(submitted), (2024)